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Worldwide endurance sport education for triathlon federations and coaches with 175+ hours of credential based theory and labo courses for world-class movement and technique.

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The central principle of training is individualization. This tenet of teaching has been the focus of Marc Evans for more than 30 years.


For every endurance athlete, a better functional foundation produces greater adaptations to volume, intensity, recovery, economy and workouts. Because every athlete is unique a baseline evaluation of these foundations; mobility, flexibility, stability and technique is needed.


Marc Evans’ innovative testing and high-level swimming, cycling and running technique teaching will benefit all endurance athletes and coaches to develop better outcomes in performance.

Marc Evans’ 4th book Triathletes in Motion is setting a new standard in training and promises to be the most effective book on movement, posture, stability and technique training for triathletes, coaches and federations - in stores June 2014.


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Introduction: Triathletes in Motion
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